What is a Short Sale?

A short sale is when a homeowner owes more then what the current value of their property is. Most banks are willing to accept less then the current mortgage balance to avoid having to proceed with the foreclosure process.

Short Sale PAckage

The process begins and ends with you personal financial information. The bank makes decisions based on this initial package that we help you compile upfront and then we have you update periodically throughout the process. You will receive our short sale package checklist when you request our short sale process pdf.

Get Offer on Property

To complete the short sale process we must find and keep a ready, willing & able buyer that is willing to wait for the bank to complete the process and approve their offer for your property. We help educate & update all agents and potential buyers throughout the process so that everyone is confident moving forward.

Bank Approval Process

Once we submit your offer to your bank(s) we touch base constantly with them to ensure that your short sale moves forward through the appraisal, submission to their investors and to then end when we receive your approval letter. We have more details that come with our free short sale process pdf.

Download our Free Mortgage Relief Kit to understand the short sale process.

Start moving forward today.

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